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INEBIA is thought of as a “collective”

and revolves around the worlds of Vincent Pagliarin (violin) and Olivier Mugot (guitar).

The two musicians who have been working together for several years, created in September 2019 a group mixing jazz and world music, with the desire to have maximum musical freedom and interaction between the musicians.

This atypical formation is completed by Marie Mifsud (voice), Philippe Henner (bass) and Pascal Henner (percussion).

The themes settle in, mixing voice and violin, diluted and harmonically rich or explosive

and massive. Everything is enhanced by percussion with African or Latin sounds. A solid and effective bass sustains the whole.

On stage, INEBIA's musicians take you on a real musical journey with Celtic, Latin, oriental, rock colors... without ever losing sight of the improvisation specific to jazz.


INEBIA s’articule autour des univers de Vincent Pagliarin (violon) et de Olivier Mugot (guitare).
Les deux musiciens qui travaillent ensemble depuis plusieurs années, créent en septembre 2019 un groupe mêlant le jazz et les musiques du monde,

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