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Polies Poquettes


The Polies Poquettes by Iorhanne Da Cunha  - Cie l'Un Passe

moving and singing all-terrain moment

The music guides the steps, the movements train the voice. Big, noisy, whispered or brushed against, between melodies and balances, the Polies Poquettes invest the places that become a support for creation.

They weave their way between people, creating the surprise of an encounter that lets itself be picked up by the ears and eyes of those who are there.


The Polies Poquettes slip in and settle in all kinds of places, alternating between building halls, showrooms, fields, subways, schools, apartments, construction sites, factories, restaurants, hospital rooms, attics, trains …!


Celia Cadran: 06 81 77 02 08 or

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